Chemical Protective Wear

Protection when you need it most

The Chemical Suit coverall is a full body item made from high strength PVC coated polyester. Should an unforeseen accident occur on the worksite it will give your employees the essential protection they need. It is tested to ASTM P903-96 to ensure that the BTT (Break Through Time) is more than adequate to give the wearer enough time to neutralise the hazardous material.

When working in a hazardous environment, it is critical to have the necessary protection for your workforce. It is also a legal requirement to provide safety clothing and ensure your workers are adequately protected.

LEO protective clothing is made to the highest standards to give your employees the protection they need in order to function effectively in a high risk environment. They are designed to allow them to move freely and work comfortably, but should there be an accident, then they will ensure that your workers do not sustain serious and life-threatening injuries.

This is not an area where you want to compromise. Ensure you get the best for your workforce. LEO safety clothing is the best!